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Release V2.1

The new version of Manatee software V2.1 was released on June 16 2021. We will be hosting a short free webinar to introduce this release on July 8.

During the webinar, we will present the new features aimed at mechanical engineering. A demonstration of Manatee on a complex mechanical model will be performed including eccentricity fault. These new features focusing on mechanical engineering add up to the improvement of Manatee existing features. In particular, electrical engineers can now calculate the electromagnetic noise map of their e-machine given the dq-control in the full torque-speed plane, in less than a minute in the early design stage.

Keep in mind that Manatee software is made for all engineers involved in the development of electrical systems with NVH requirements. Therefore, Manatee includes predefined workflows covering all design stages.


Release V2.0